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    Buy A Home

    Buying a home is likely the biggest purchasing decision of your life, so we believe it is important to have a qualified agent assisting you in that process!

    Charter House buyer’s agents will assist you in many ways, including;

    • Helping you locate properties
    • Running comps for you to determine proper value of homes
    • Writing contracts and handling all paperwork
    • Connecting you with other parties such as lenders and inspectors
    • Working on your behalf to accomplish your goals

    A Charter House agent does all of that and more and the BEST part is, you do not pay any commission for this service! In a typical real estate transaction, the seller of the home will be paying all of the real estate commission. A Charter House buyer pays a total of $395 as an admin fee to get full-service representation by one of our fantastic agents!

    One note of caution to anyone considering buying a home. We firmly believe you benefit from having your OWN representation and advise against a “dual agency” transaction. That means one agent represents both the seller and the buyer.

    Many agents (especially those you meet at an open house) may attempt to convince you that doing this is more convenient and will save you money. We do not believe this to be true in most cases. DO NOT give up your right to have your own representation, working hard for you to get you the results you desire!

    Also, many builders will attempt to talk you out of your own representation as well. This puts more profit in their pocket. Again, we feel this is against your best interests and caution you to avoid that situation!

    Charter House agents are here to help you have a positive buying experience and we would love to speak with you soon about your housing needs!