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    Shawn Brekke

    Shawn joins the Charter House team after working closely in the office for over two years.
    Working in the same office, he saw first-hand what the company model meant to the agents, and most importantly, the clients. The appeal of saving clients that much money was too hard to pass up.
As a graduate of Hospitality Management from Iowa State University, Shawn has spent most of his life working for other people.
    Joining Charter House will combine his passion for customer service with his knowledge and appreciation for his lifelong home of Central Iowa. Born and raised in Ames, and having worked in the Metro for many years, Shawn has seen the communities he loves grow and prosper, and aspires to be a part of that progress while saving you money and helping you find your dream home. 

    Shawn lives in Ames with his fiancé Ami, their three kids and two rescue dogs, Hercules and Zeus.
    In his free time he enjoys playing slow-pitch softball, coaching little league, and is a season ticket holder to Iowa State football and basketball. Shawn serves both the Ames and Des Moines areas