A Note from the owner.

Charter House has saved our sellers over $2 million dollars in commission over the past 2 years compared to 6% and we are proud of this fact!

This means we take less commission than others while still providing full service.

While we might seem seller focused, the long term success of our business depends on BUYERS allowing us to help them buy homes!

You do not have to buy with us to sell your home, BUT, if you do plan to buy a home, we would greatly appreciate you allowing us to help you do that. We simply make more money helping buyers and those deals are needed to keep our doors open for years to come!

If you appreciate what we do on the selling side, help keep us around by buying a home through us or telling a friend about us that is looking to buy a home. Thanks!

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    Mark Charter

    Mark Charter

    Mark Charter began practicing real estate in 2005.
    Over that time, Mark has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions and has sold hundreds of millions worth of real estate.
    Mark created Charter House Real Estate in 2016 because he wanted to redefine how real estate was done. Specifically, putting clients ahead of money.
    Since 2016 Charter House has continued to grow and Mark is extremely grateful to all the clients that choose to work with Charter House each year!
    Mark is Married to Katie and they have 3 children.